Preparation Tips For Live Lobsters To Be Shipped

Preparation Tips For Live Lobsters To Be Shipped

Once you have received your live lobster for delivery be sure and leave the bands on the claws as long as it is alive. Sometimes they may slip during transit. You do not want a loose claw to grab one of your fingers as it would snap it into like a twig. Only take the bands off claws when the lobster has died.

If you have fully cooked and frozen your lobster tails lobster meats make sure you never defrost them. Instead take directly from the freezer and heat until they are warm not hot. This will give you delicious tender lobster that takes as fresh as the day you placed it in the freezer.

It is very simple to cook live lobsters and only takes about ten minutes a pound to boil. Water should immerse the entire lobster within the big deep pot.

Lobsters heads hold much of the water they were boiled in so making a slight hole in them will drain out the cooking juices and seal the flavors in. This helps the meat inside stay tender and just ripe with flavor.

Casseroles and stews are even better when you add in the water the lobster was cooked within. It will only add to the flavor of these dishes. You can also freeze the broth until it is needed.

Healthy lobsters will put up a fight with you when you pick them up. Never cook a lobster whose tail is straight this means he died in transit or before cooking. You should always take a sniff of your lobsters before cooking to make sure they all smell of freshness. If there is a strange unrecognizable scent to them then never cook them as they could make you and your family sick. They are best cooked as soon as you receive them.

Softer shelled lobsters are more tender and take much less time to cook. The harder shelled ones still taste great but are a little tougher and they take a longer amount of time when boiling.

For the more health conscious of us lobsters also tastes wonderful when grilled. This is a lot less messy than the boiling too. Lobsters are placed onto a hot grill and then cooked until shells turn shades of bright red on each side usually about 3-4 minutes per side. You can tell when it is ready to be removed from the heat.

Live lobsters for delivery can be split and cooked on the grill too. Place split sides down first and cook three minutes then turn to shell side and cook about 6 minutes longer. The shell will be the shade of bright red as it is when boiling when done. Add some lemon juice squeezed on it and of course butter and your ready to eat.

To turn your dinner into a true seafood treat, you may want to add fresh caviar as an appetizer.